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A Plus Plumbers in Pietermaritzburg is a well-known reputable company with many years of experience behind us. Having had many happy customers over the years, A Plus Plumbers has developed a reputation for prompt plumbing service, excellent customer care and high-quality plumbing. We believe in developing quality relationships with each of our clients and the high number of people who use us again and again is testament to the fact that they are more than satisfied with our services.

In the current economic climate, we know that salaries are not covering monthly expenses as they used to. For this reason, A Plus Plumbers strives to keep its costs low while still delivering excellent plumbing service. Unfortunately, after-hours fees are more expensive as we need to be fair to our employees who leave their families for such emergencies. We pay our employees fairly as we believe this results in loyalty to the company and a high work ethic.

We also know that jobs and job training is scarce, and so we train up our workers and provide internships so that our plumbers can perform complex work and be knowledgeable in all fields of plumbing. At A Plus Plumbers, many of our city’s plumbers have learnt and grown with us.

You can be assured of the standard of our work as well as the soundness of our training.

A Plus Plumbers constantly keeps up to date with the latest legislation regarding plumbing and electrical work in South Africa. We also are aware that technology is constantly improving and changing so our plumbers are knowledgeable about the latest trends and technology for blocked drains, leak detection and geysers. Speak to us today if you have any queries or questions.

At A Plus Plumbers we have a customer centred approach. Thus, for all your queries, we are simply a phone call away. We look forward to helping out in a crisis of leaks and burst geysers and blocked drains, but also in dreaming – in the planning for a new house or in the refurbishment of your kitchen or bathroom spaces. Make sure you always have the A Plus Plumbers specialists at your side.

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A Plus Plumbers Mission

We want to make a difference in this world. We want that to reflect in the quality of the work that we do for our clients.

We are not interested in meeting client expectations. We want to exceed it.

We want to be a source of job creation in order to help alleviate the work shortage we have in South Africa.

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