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There are many reasons why you might need emergency plumbers and none of them are good! For some reason plumbing emergencies happen after hours, on public holidays and during the weekend. We’re not sure who wrote this rule, but we are not impressed! But that’s why our emergency plumbers in Pietermaritzburg is ready to help you out no matter the time, the date or the size of your need.

There are however many things that can be done to avoid plumbing emergencies. Many of our normal plumbing needs can be avoided when we take better care of our plumbing systems. It is important to know that pipes and drains are designed for water – and not for the many other substances we try and throw in there. It is no wonder that we routinely need to call for emergency plumbers if we are not treating our plumbing equipment right. Here are a few suggestions to help keep your plumbing in the best shape possible.

Don’t DIY! While it might appear to save you money – in the long run do-it-yourself plumbing will cost you way over and above the cost of the original problem. Unless you have been trained, it can be very difficult to diagnose a plumbing problem no matter how simple it looks. Not using the right tools can also damage the pipes and taps and then these will need to be replaced at a much larger fee than the original blockage. Doing DIY can also be unsafe, especially if you start working with geysers and hot water generation. Electricity and water can lead to serious electrical shocks and potential burns. Rather wait for our emergency plumbers in Pietermaritzburg.

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Don’t throw rubbish in your toilet. Your toilet is not a garbage disposal. The only unnatural substance that should be flushed is toilet paper. Tissues, wet wipes, feminine products and especially nappies, all these things can cause serious blockages as they absorb water and then get stuck in the pipes. It should go without saying that anything else like plastic bags, cigarette butts, cat litter belongs in the bin, not in the toilet. Or else you may need our emergency plumber.

Don’t wash your oil and grease down the sink. Any form of fat, oils, grease, butter etc, coagulates or solidifies as it cools down. While you may think that what you’re washing out your frying pan is liquid, these fats sit on the walls of the pipes and can create damage or even ultimately block it up all together. It is far better to let the fat cool and then throw it away. Either wipe it out with paper towel and throw it away or pour it into an old glass or container that either you can throw away with the fat, or that you can scrape out once it has cooled. Otherwise, calling a emergency plumber is inevitable.

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Don’t leave plumbing problems until a better time. Plumbing problems can get worse if left without attention for too long. Problems such as leaking pipes or taps can also add significantly to your water bill and geysers that are malfunctioning can add a great deal to your electricity costs. Many of these problems are also safety hazards and when water gets into walls and furniture, it not only can start to smell, but it can also breed mould resulting in a health hazard. If you see an issue, get it dealt with as soon as possible. Rather call out the emergency plumber in Pietermaritzburg to see to your needs when they arise.

Don’t ignore funny sounds! Your plumbing should not be humming, banging, gurgling or whistling. All of these sounds indicate that something is not working as it should and it needs attention. While this might not need an emergency plumber, it might cause bigger problems in the future that will need an immediate emergency plumber call out. Rather get these assessed at the first moment you have.

Calling out an emergency plumber is not good for the plumber or for the customer. Take these preventative measures to avoid calling for emergency plumbers in Pietermaritzburg today.

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