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Gas Geyser Installation

Gas geyser installation is a good option for South African consumers. Electricity in South Africa is becoming more and more of a problem. Our aging and badly maintained power grid is making us less able to trust in a constant supply of electricity. Load shedding has already become a reality throughout the country during certain months, or when there is a crisis.

Moving to stay off the grid is a very real option these days as alternative sources of power are becoming more and more affordable. In fact, if you are building a new house or business, a gas geyser installation or solar geyser is required as at least fifty percent of your water heating electricity must be generated from a renewable source.

Gas geyser installation today is a much more viable option for many homes and businesses that there are many benefits to using gas as opposed to using electricity. Speak to our gas geyser Pietermaritzburg specialist today to discuss your options to use this form of water heating.

The most common benefit people ask about is cost. Is it more or less expensive to have a gas geyser or an electrical geyser? In terms of equipment and installation, a gas geyser installation will cost more. This amount is less than setting up solar geysers, but it is still more pricey that the everyday electrical geyser. There is hope in the next few years that the demand for gas geyser installation will increase and that this will drive the price down. In terms of usage however, the gas geyser will cost less to heat water than its electrical counterpart.

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The other saving in terms of gas verses electrical power is that a gas geyser installation will only heat water as it is used. There is no power used to keep water hot throughout the day when it is not in use. Its heating of water happens differently to an electrical geyser that simply keeps water at the set temperature all the time. This can save a great deal of money in the long run.

Another benefit of a gas geyser installation is that it provides a constant source of hot water. Because it heats the water as it is used – you will never be caught in the situation where mid-shower the hot water runs out and you need to wait forty-five minutes to an hour for it to be hot enough to shower again. This is especially useful when one has a large household with many people living in the same space and using the same geyser (think also hotels or dormitories etc.). Because of the constant supply of hot water, there isn’t the need to wait between baths and showers.

A minor cost that is saved by getting a gas geyser installation as opposed to an electrical geyser is that there is no need for a geyser blanket. Since the water is not kept hot through the day – it is rather heated as it is used. So, when you get your gas geyser plumber in, that is one cost item that will not be on the invoice!

Finally, as was mentioned right up front, having a gas geyser can allow you to live off the grid. Power cuts and load shedding will have no impact on your hot water. This is a very convenient way to live in our current situation in South Africa. It is also much more environmentally friendly option for water heating.

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Affordable Gas Geyser Installation