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Geysers, when they break, can be hazardous. If they burst the damage to ceilings, furniture and other property can be catastrophic. If they overheat, they can be a danger for burns and scalds. If the wiring becomes suspect, the water and electricity mix is a recipe for electrical shock. It is therefore vital that you call for geyser repair the minute you suspect that something might be amiss with your geyser.

The most common problems people face with their geysers are their failure to do their job, i.e. heating water correctly. This can result in water coming out the tap too hot or too cold. Read on to understand the possible causes and to know when to call for the geyser repair plumber!

The water comes out the tap cold – This can have multiple causes, the most obvious would be that the element on one of the sides of the geyser has burnt out. Every geyser has two elements. One on each side of the geyser to heat the water. Age or sediment build up can cause the element to malfunction. This will result in you needing to call for our geyser repair Pietermaritzburg specialist. These can be repaired but if your geyser is particularly old, it might be more worthwhile to simply replace the entire system.

It is also possible that the thermostat is broken. This is what controls the temperate in the geyser and if it is not working correctly the water in the geyser can come out too hot or too cold. This will require geyser repair. The thermostat might also be set too low, and this can easily be fixed. Most geysers are set between fifty and seventy degrees Celsius. The recommended setting is fifty-five degrees.

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Finally, it could be that all the hot water has simply run out. If many people have been using the same geyser it might not be able to sustain that amount of hot water. Gas geysers do not have this problem – if you have many people needing to use hot water simultaneously, a gas geyser installation might be the best option. Speak to your geyser repair plumber about your options. If the hot water has run out, simply wait forty-five minutes to an hour and the water will have been heated again.

The water comes out of the tap boiling hot, or you can hear bubbling sounds from the geyser – As mentioned previously, a malfunctioning thermostat can result in the water inside the geyser overheating, even to boiling point. This is very dangerous as it can do damage to the geyser and the water coming out of the taps can cause burns. It is important to organise a geyser repair.

It is also possible that with a sediment build up on one of the elements, it could be working too hard to try and produce hot water. This element will need to be replaced.

Thirdly the pressure release valve is broken or stuck. This release is important to the functioning of the geyser and its malfunction will often cause overheating.

If you have any problems with your geyser, it is important to call for a geyser repair plumber as soon as possible. Waiting too long or attempting to fix it yourself can cause further damage or even be a safety hazard for you and your family.

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