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Bathroom Renovations

A Plus Plumbers in Pietermaritzburg always put your needs first. Our goal is to provide you with all the professional and efficient plumbing services you need. When you come to us, our advice is personalized just for you. Our team is committed to your satisfaction. We go above and beyond to make sure we have met all your plumbing needs whether you have a serious plumbing issue or routine maintenance. When you are considering doing bathroom renovations in your home, we are the best team for the job. You can count on us to get the job done efficiently at a reasonable price.

We guarantee you:

We respond immediately. Our customers get to experience a 100% satisfaction plumbing  guarantee. We make sure we stay up to date with the latest technology. This ensures time efficiency on your part and ours. We make sure that our plumbing team always gets training and that they are up to date with the latest know-how of plumbing. Whenever you call, you will be greeted by our friendly team members, who will help you get the right service you need. Call A Plus Plumbers now and you will not regret it.

Bathroom Contractors

When you are planning on a new bathroom improvement project, you need to decide if you will get plumbing contractors, or you will go the DIY route. Remodelling your bathroom is bringing a huge change into your home. You need to be ready for the challenge ahead of you. If you plan well, it can be less stressful. The result of a beautiful bathroom is enticing. But, you must equally anticipate a few sleepless nights and a few grey hairs you will grow along the way.

Working with a great team however, will ensure a sense of ease and pressure off you during the duration of the project. When buying materials for your bathroom you will need to be sure of what you want. Also consider going for the highest quality to avoid future problems.

Before you begin looking at faucets, you must know what you want to achieve. You need to understand your space and how you want to use it. How luxurious or how basic you want it to be. This will then help you narrow down the kind of fittings you want and the style. You must then consider the current location of your existing plumbing and electricity fittings, and find out if you would need to add more or move them around. You can also consider installing energy-efficient products in your bathroom.

These are a few questions you should ask before you start a project:

  • What piping will you use?
  • What will be your shower floor levels and slopes?
  • Will toilet accessories come with standard angle valves?
  • Do you need to update your current geyser and valve?

When you are ready for your bathroom remodel, the below should be on your checklist.

  1. The water supply to taps should be cut off
  2. Remove everything that needs to be removed
  3. Plumbing piping to be fitted in
  4. First and undercoat painting
  5. Floor and wall tiling

You need to know what your bathroom needs are. Ask yourself these questions before you get too excited about your bathroom remodelling:

  • What will be the layout of your bathroom? Will it be user-friendly for everyday use?
  • What is your budget? It is better to have a budgeted figure upfront.
  • Do you need storage and how much of it do you need?
  • Will you install double sinks or one? This depends on the number of people who will be using the bathroom.
  • What are your dislikes of your current space? This ensures that it is not carried over into the new bathroom remodelling project.

The below tips will help you on your bathroom design journey:

  • Get bathroom inspiration from magazines and online.

If you are into the latest trends, the internet is soaring with new ideas to get what you want into your home.

  • What lighting will include in your bathroom renovation

The lighting you use will set the mood of your bathroom.

  • Take proper time to plan it all out

You cannot necessarily avoid hiccups along the way. But if you plan well, you can minimize them.

  • It is advisable to choose local professionals to help you

Your builders should check whether the current layout will work with what you have in mind.

  • Be mindful of the finishing materials you use and consider materials that are easy to clean

Though having fancy materials will be appealing to the eye. You still need to remain practical about the materials you choose.

  • Do not rush the build

You may have to curb your excitement and let the job be done well.

  • You need a basic understanding of showers vs tubs

In order to help you save time and money you can do some research to find out what works better for your home and what you will use more.

You can also opt to cut your expenses by replacing existing fixtures on items like the tiles, sanitary ware, or taps. These do not need much plumbing, except for the taps.

Shower Renovations

We offer services that range from shower renovations to toilet installation and many more.

You can see the below list of the services we offer.

  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Plumbing Installation
  • Plumbing Construction
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Shower Renovations
  • Toilet Installation
  • Toilet Repair
  • Unblocking blocked drains
  • Unblocking toilets
  • Unblocking sinks
  • Unblocking showers
  • Leak Detection
  • Camera Drain Inspection
  • High Pressure Drain Jetting
  • Geyser Installation
  • Geyser Repair
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Solar Geyser Installation
  • Gas Geyser Installation
  • Water Meter Installation
  • Water Tank Installation

Building long-term customers who become a family is important to us. We are always ready to help. We will value you and prioritize you. We will leave your home when you are 100% satisfied with our service. Our goal is to make sure you see a big difference in your home.

Call A Plus Plumbers today and we will be happy to assist you.