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Plumber Pietermaritzburg is one of the leading plumbers in the industry. Having served the Pietermaritzburg people for many years, Plumber Pietermaritzburg has the experience, expertise and equipment for all your plumbing needs. We specialise in value for money as well as customer care – resulting in a loyal client group who speak very highly of our services.

No matter what the problem is, if it involves water, sanitation or drainage services – Plumber Pietermaritzburg are the people to call. Over the years we have dealt with the basics of blocked drains and running taps to water heating solutions for large corporations and largescale bathroom renovations. We work with individual clients as well as large corporates and no problem is too big or too small for our plumbers.

We are also highly experienced and fully up to date with the latest technology and legislation regarding plumbing and water heating. This means that you can call plumber Pietermaritzburg for guidance and advice in this regard. We will be able to suggest the most cost-effective solutions while taking your needs and the needs of the environment into consideration.

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Our services are varied but they can be divided into the following groupings.

Leak detection: Unexpected high-water costs and finding puddles of water lying around can be indicators that you are experiencing a leak from one of your pipes. Even a dripping tap, running toilet or leaking shower head can waste thousands of litres of water. Water that pools, can also be a danger to small children and can create electrical hazards. They can also do damage to furniture and cupboards as the boards swell. Ultimately it can even be a health risk as it leads to the growth of mould and bacteria. Don’t let a leak go unfixed. Call Plumber Pietermaritzburg to come and assess your situation, discover the source of the water and fix it with no further hassles.

Geyser installation and repairs: A burst geyser is a massive hassle and to restore hot water quickly is essential for any family. Trust Plumber Pietermaritzburg to install the correct geyser for your family, and to fix any problems you might have. Whether it is overheating, not heating water at all or tripping the mains, you will need to call a plumber. Plumber Pietermaritzburg can also assist with reducing electricity costs by providing insulation for your geyser – or installing a geyser that is off the power grid.

Solar and Gas Geysers: With rising electricity costs, sourcing a geyser using an alternate power source can save your family thousands of Rands in the long run. This can also be a protection in our current economic climate where load shedding remains a very real problem. For homes or dormitories servicing many people, gas geysers can also supply an almost infinite supply of hot water without the wait required for electrical geysers. With current legislation instructing that fifty percent of water heating needs to come from a renewable resource – any new geysers or new buildings should rely at least partly on gas or solar geysers.  With South Africa’s rich resource of sunshine – solar power is a very viable option for renewable power. Contact the plumbers in Pietermaritzburg for a quote to consider an alternative to traditional electrical power.

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Blocked drains: Possibly our most common reason for a call out – blocked drains are no joke. These can cause major water leakage and even result in terrible smells. This is a big problem not only for homes but for businesses or schools where the leaking sewerage can become a massive health hazard. Blocked drains happen for a few key reasons. The most common is simply wear and tear in the pipes. Other causes are the build up of sediment in the pipes over the years. In bathrooms, toiletries getting flushed down the toilet are a major cause of blockages as are any foreign objects that are thrown in the toilet bowl. Some kinds of toiletries also leave a sediment that can block a drain. In the kitchen it is often that fat and oil are washed down the sink. These coagulate as they cool and build up in the pipes as they would in someone’s arteries! Ultimately this can cause a complete blockage.

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Bathroom or kitchen renovations: Having experts deal with your renovations is very important to ensure compliance, safety and to prevent problems in the future. Plumber Pietermaritzburg works hand in hand with other professionals to complete your project within the time frame and in the most cost-effective way. If you are planning an overhaul of any part of your home or office – be sure to call Plumber Pietermaritzburg first to get excellent advice and recommendations.

New buildings: Legislation has changed in the last few years regarding water heating in new buildings. At least fifty percent of this power must come from a renewable resource such as solar power. Our plumbers in Pietermaritzburg are experienced and knowledgeable to ensure that you will be able to get an occupation certificate without hassle. Consult us first to avoid disappointment and unnecessary costs and delays.

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The plumbers Pietermaritzburg employ value our client relationship and are therefore trained not just in plumbing expertise but also in communication and customer care. You can know that if you call plumber Pietermaritzburg today, you will be treated as any of our loyal clients – with respect and professionalism. Your needs will be dealt with timeously and there will be no hidden costs to surprise you.

Knowing that the economic climate now is difficult – Plumber Pietermaritzburg seeks to employ as many people as possible and provide training for those who have been previously disadvantaged. Through our internships many young men and women’s lives are improved as we provide the skills and training to make them employable not only among our plumbers but also at any plumbing company nationwide. By using our services, you will also be contributing to empowering young people and providing job opportunities.

Whatever your plumbing needs, in an emergency or in planning ahead – call plumber Pietermaritzburg today.

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My geyser burst and these guys installed a new one quickly. Very happy.

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Awesome company to work with. I will make use of them again if needed.

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These Pietermaritzburg Plumbers are very professional and great at what they do.

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I can recommend these Pietermaritzburg plumbers anytime. Great work. Thanks

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